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Gavi Eco Tourism


          A 40 kilometre drive from Kumily, the road leading to the picturesque Gavi is blanketed by tea plantations. The two-hour jeep ride will take you past hills and valleys, tropical forests, sprawling grasslands, cascading waterfalls and cardamom plantations. With more than 260 species of birds, Gavi is a haven for birdwatchers. En route are the Pamba Reservoir and a large tract of reserve forests, so chances of wildlife encounters with endangered species like the Nilgiri tahr and lion tailed macaque are big. Developed into an exclusive ecotourism project, Gavi is listed as one of the must-see places in India

          Besides the accommodation provided in 'Green Mansion', the scenic eco-lodge overlooking the Gavi Lake and the adjoining forests, one can pitch tents amidst the wilderness. The road leading to the picturesque Gavi is blanketed by tea plantations, which itself is a refreshing experience. The place is rich in flora and fauna. There are hills and valleys, tropical forests, sprawling grasslands, sholas, cascading waterfalls and cardamom plantations.

          Endangered species including the Nilgiri Tahr and Lion-tailed macaque are often sighted at the outskirts of Gavi. With more than 260 species of birds including the great pied hornbill, woodpecker, and kingfishers, Gavi is a heaven for birdwatchers.Some of the breathtaking viewpoints at Gavi like the Valley View offer spectacular view of a deep ravine and the forest below. From Kochu Pampa, a point near Green Mansion eco-lodge one can track the grazing Nilgiri Tahrs.


          Another unique feature of Gavi is camping in the forests. One can pitch a tent in the camping site, which is a rarity in many Indian forests. As the dusk stretches into the silence of the night, one can feel the presence of wildlife in the middle of nowhere, an experience that cannot be explained in words. There are also tree top houses where one can enjoy the avian life to the fullest.Active involvement of tribals in Gavi makes it a unique venture of its kind in the country. Traditional knowledge of the forest and its way of life helps Gavi to sustain its surroundings in its original state.Gavi is bound to cast its magical spell on every visitor and is surely a place that should not be missed in one's lifetime. Gavi is pristine, and it belongs to the wild, which is a reminder that visitors are responsible for their intentions and actions, which will have a bearing on the upkeep of Gavi for a long time to come.

     Tree houses

          Treetop houses where one can enjoy the avian life to the fullest are also available. The jeep safari to Gavi, picturesque land, is the major off-the-track destination ideal for a wilderness retreat replete with trekking, birding, canoeing and facilities for boarding

     Jungle Camp

          Its a over night camping at tent in the deep of the forest. This programme includes Jungle jeep safari to gavi , over night stay at tent, pedal boating, trekking and boating.Jungle camp is envisaged as a programe where visitors get a chance to stay night riverside in periyar tiger reserve.

     Nearest Tourist Places in Kottayam

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 Nearest Airport:

 Cochin International Airport

 Road :

 From Airport to spot(175 km, 4 hours 04 mins )

   Directions :

1. Head west on International Terminal Road
           160 m

2. Take the 2nd right toward International Terminal Road
           280 m

3. Slight left onto International Terminal Road
           190 m

4. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit
           150 m

5. Turn right onto Airport Rd Pass by Bharath Petroleum Outlet (on the left in 500 m)
           2.5 km

6. Turn right to stay on Airport Rd Pass by Kathi Ambalam (on the left in 1.5 km)
           2.2 km

7. Slight right at St George Jacobite Church onto Main Central Rd Pass by Indian Oil Pump (on the right in 4.0 km)
           8.6 km

8. Turn left at Hotel Galaxy onto Aluva - Munnar Rd Pass by Nangeli Hospital (on the left in 15.5 km)
           17.1 km

9. Turn left onto Kothamangalam Bypass Rd Pass by Imperial Castle (on the left in 1.7 km)
           1.8 km

10. Turn right at Malayinkeezhu Kozhipally Bypass Jct onto Kothamangalam Bypass Rd/Malayinkeezhu Kozhipally Bypass Rd
           1.2 km

11. Turn left onto Aluva - Munnar Rd/Kochi - Dhanushkodi Rd Pass by HP Petrol Pump (on the left in 1.3 km)
           13.1 km

12. Turn right onto SH 44 Pass by Selection Hardwares (on the left in 10.2 km)
           12.6 km

13. Turn left to stay on SH 44
           7.0 km

14. Continue onto alappuzha thaneermukkam Pass by C.S.I Hospital Chelachuvadu (on the left in 14.6 km)
           15.7 km

15. Slight right onto Alappuzha-Madurai Rd/SH 43
           850 m

16. Turn left onto Alappuzha-Madurai Rd/Idukki - Neriyamangalam Rd/SH 43 Pass by Ponnumpoojary Temple (on the left in 2.8 km)
           4.9 km

17. Turn right at Muthoot fin cop to stay on Alappuzha-Madurai Rd/Idukki - Neriyamangalam Rd/SH 43 Pass by homeopathic hospital and poison treatment centre (on the left)
           6.6 km

18. Turn left at Cheruthony Church onto Kumarakom - Cumbam Rd/Thodupuzha - Puliyanmala Rd Continue to follow Thodupuzha - Puliyanmala Rd Pass by IOC (on the left in 25.0 km)
           25.4 km

19. Turn right at Ashoka Kavala onto Kattappana - Erattayar Rd/Thodupuzha - Puliyanmala Rd
           3.7 km

20. Turn left at Nariyampara - Vallakkadavu Rd
           2.2 km

21. Turn left at Kadamakuzhi Road
           3.3 km

22. Continue straight onto Thekkady Rd
           1.6 km

23. Turn right to stay on Thekkady Rd
           2.4 km

24. Continue onto Anavilasam-Marykulam Road
           79 m

25. At State Bank of Travancore, continue onto SH 41
           2.1 km

26. Slight right onto Kumily Alady Rd Pass by Veterinary Hospital (on the right in 2.0 km)
           3.9 km

27. Turn right
           1.0 km

28. Sharp right toward Kollam - Theni Hwy/Kottayam Kumily Rd
           6.9 km

29. Turn right onto Kollam - Theni Hwy/Kottayam Kumily Rd Pass by Sree Devi Theatre, Vandiperiyar (on the right in 500 m)
           1.4 km

30. Turn left onto Vandiperiyar Kakki Moozhiyar Rd
           7.4 km

31. Vandiperiyar Kakki Moozhiyar Rd turns left and becomes Vandiperiyar Kakki Rd
           11.9 km

32. Turn right
           6.3 km

33. Turn left
           750 m




 Nearest Railway station:

 Kottayam Railway Station

 Road :

 From Kottayam Railway Station to spot(131 km, 3 hours 16 mins )

   Directions :

1. Head towards Mother Teresa Rd south-east on Railway Rd
           500 m

2. Turn right at Mother Teresa Rd
           350 m

3. Turn left onto Kollam - Theni Hwy/Kottayam Kumily Rd Pass by Petrol Bunk (on the right in 750 m)
           8.0 km

4. Turn right to stay on Kollam - Theni Hwy/Kottayam Kumily Rd Pass by Indian Oil (on the left in 5.1 km)
           11.5 km

5. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit to stay on Kollam - Theni Hwy/Kottayam Kumily Rd Pass by Canara Bank (on the left)
           4.2 km

6. Slight right at Vazhoor Panchayth Office onto Kodungoor - Manimala Rd Pass by Government High School Vazhoor (on the right)
           9.4 km

7. Continue straight onto Main Eastern Hwy
           1.2 km

8. Turn left at Manimala to stay on Main Eastern Hwy Pass by Manimala Service Co Operative Bank (on the left)
           5.5 km

9. Turn left toward Placherry - Erumeli Road
           2.7 km

10. Continue straight onto Placherry - Erumeli Road Pass by Rubber Board Nursery (on the right)
           5.1 km

11. Slight left at Vettiyanikal Furniture Shop onto Kanakapalam - Vechuchira Rd Pass by Raj Vision (on the left)
           850 m

12. Sharp right at Best Bakery onto SH 44 Pass by Petrol Pump (on the right in 5.6 km)
           16.1 km

13. Turn right at Alappattu Jct onto Pampa Old Road
           4.0 km

14. Turn right onto Mannarkulanji-Pampa Rd
           180 m

15. Take the 1st left
           5.3 km

16. Turn right
           950 m

17. Turn left toward Moozhiyar Gavi Road
           10.2 km

18. Turn left onto Moozhiyar Gavi Road
           6.7 km

19. Turn right to stay on Moozhiyar Gavi Road
           7.3 km

20. Continue onto Gavi-Moozhiayar Road
           20.8 km

21. Sharp left
           3.9 km

22. Turn right
           5.1 km

23. Turn right
           750 m


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