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Kovalam Beach


          Kovalam is an internationally renowned beach. The leisure options at this beach are plenty and diverse. Sunbathing, swimming, herbal body toning massages, special cultural programmes and catamaran cruising are some of them. Kovalam is a beach town by the Arabian Sea in Thiruvananthapuram city, Kerala.

          A massive rocky promontory on the beach has created a beautiful bay of calm waters ideal for sea bathing. Kovalam shot into limelight in the early seventies with arrivals of the masses of hippies. That started the transformation of a casual fishing village of Kerala into one of the most important tourist destinations in all India- the Kovalam beach.

          Kovalam was brought to the public eye by Her Highness The Queen of Travancore Maharani Sethu Lakshmi Bai decided to build a palace for herself at a rock top near the beach, as her private residence better known as Haylcon Castle.Kovalam has 3 major beaches in its 17 km coastline.


     Lighthouse Beach

          The southernmost beach, the Lighthouse Beach is the one most frequented by tourists, Lighthouse Beach got its name due to the old Vizhinjam Lighthouse located on a rocky promontory here. Its intermittent beams at night render the beach with an unearthly charm. See some images of Kovalam here.

     Hawah Beach

          Eve’s Beach, more commonly known as Hawa Beach, ranks second, in the early day, is a beehive of activities with fishermen setting out for sea. With a high rock promontory and a calm bay of blue waters, this beach paradise creates a unique aquarelle on moonlit nights.

     Samudra Beach

          A large promontory separates this part from the southern side. Samudra Beach doesn't have tourists thronging there or hectic business. The local fishermen ply their trade on this part.Today Kovalam has become one of the most popular beach hangouts in India.

     Nearest Tourist Places in Trivandrum

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 Nearest Airport:

 Thiruvanathapuram International Airport

 Road :

 From Airport to spot(12.5 km, 21 mins )

   Directions :

1. Head north-west on International Airport Rd
           170 m

2. Take the 1st right to stay on International Airport Rd
           52 m

3. Continue onto Thiruvananthapuram Airport Exit Rd
           550 m

4. Turn right onto NH Bypass Service Rd Pass by Ananthapuri Hospital (on the right in 350 m)
           400 m

5. Take the 1st left toward NH 47 Bypass Rd
           21 m

6. Take the 1st right onto NH 47 Bypass Rd Go through 2 roundabouts Pass by Lekshmy Opticals (on the left in 1.0 km)
           10.9 km

7. Turn right
           350 m




 Nearest Railway station:

 Thiruvanathapuram Central Railway Station

 Road :

 From Thiruvanathapuram Central Railway Station to spot(11.6 km, 20 mins )

   Directions :

1. Head east 120 m

2. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Salem-Kanyakumari Hwy Pass by Minerva Studio (on the right in 500 m)
           600 m

3. Turn left at Overbridge Junction onto Mahathma Gandhi Rd Pass by S Indian Bank (on the left)
           850 m

4. At Ramla Emporium, continue onto Trivandrum Vizhinjam Rd Pass by Al-Arif Hospital (on the left in 3.4 km)
           4.5 km

5. Slight left onto NH 47 Bypass Rd Pass by Archana Royal Park (on the left in 500 m)
           5.2 km

6. Turn right
           350 m


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Kovalam beach

Kovalam thiruvananthapuram

Kovalam beach thiruvananthapuram

Kovalam tourism

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