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     Palayur Church


          St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, Palayur is located at Palayur (also spelt Palayoor), in Thrissur district in Kerala on the west coast of India. According to tradition, it was established in 52 AD by St Thomas, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ.

          Palayoor church is the oldest (Romo-Syrian) Church in India and is called an Apostolic Church credited to the Apostolate of St. Thomas who preached and also started conversion of people to Christianity here. It was part of the seven churches that he established in India; the other six churches were established at Cranganore, Kokkamangalam, Kottakavu, (Parur), Quilon, Niranam, and Chayal. The original small Church structure has been retained at the oldest site. But substantial improvements around it were carried out during the 17th century by Reverend Fenichi, as necessary, without sacrificing the main sanctity of the place.

          St. Thomas traveled from Kottakavu or Crangannur, now called Kodungallur (Mussiris) and landed at Palayur by boat through the backwaters. At that time, Palayur was a stronghold of the Brahmins and also of Jews. He came to visit the Jewish merchants at Palayur at "Judankunnu" (meaning the hill of Jews) and to preach the Christian gospel. The place has since become a dry land but its historicity as a boat jetty called locally as 'Bottukulam' has been preserved as a monument to St. Thomas


          Of the seven churches originally established by St. Thomas, only three namely, Palayoor in the Syro-Malabar Syro-Malabar Catholic Archdiocese of Thrissur, Parur in the Syro-Malabar Archdiocese of Ernakulam, and Niranam under the Orthodox Syrian Church (Devalokam Aramana) could claim continuity, while the remaining four churches have undergone several changes in their locations.

          It is stated that a Hindu temple that was abandoned by the Brahmins was converted into the present church. Further, as a proof of Jewish settlements existing when St Thomas arrived here in 52 AD, ruins of a synagogue could be seen near a Hindu temple, close to the church. Temple remnants in the form of broken idols, sculptures and relics of the old temple can also be seen near the precincts of the church, in addition to two large tanks near the west and east gates of the church.It is also stated that the conversion of Brahmins has resulted in such an aversion among the Nambudri Brahmins that they do not even accept cold water or tender coconut water anywhere in the vicinity of the Church. It is recorded that St. Thomas stayed in India for 17 years;4 years in Sindh (now in Pakistan), about 6 years in Malabar and 7 years at Mylapuram or Mailapore in Tamil Nadu. The Indian Postal Service of the Government of India brought out two commemorative stamps, in 1964 and 1973, in honour of the historic arrival of St. Thomas in India in 52 AD



 Nearest Airport:

 Cochin International Airport

 Road :

 From Airport to spot(78.8 km, 1 hours 51 mins )

   Directions :

1. Head west on International Terminal Road
           160 m

2. Take the 2nd right toward International Terminal Road
           280 m

3. Slight left onto International Terminal Road
           190 m

4. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit
           150 m

5. Turn right onto Airport Rd Pass by Bharath Petroleum Outlet (on the left in 500 m)
           750 m

6. Turn left at Nayathode onto Angamali - Cochin Airport Rd Pass by St JOHNS CHAPPEL NAYATHODE (on the right)
           3.0 km

7. At Nayathode Jct, continue onto Main Central Rd Pass by Aravind Ayurvedha Hospital (on the right in 1.2 km)
           1.4 km

8. Turn right at Municipal Shopping Complex onto Salem-Kanyakumari Hwy Pass by State Bank of Travancore (on the left)
           17.1 km

9. Slight left toward Potta – Moonupeedika Hwy/SH 61
           550 m

10. Turn left onto Potta – Moonupeedika Hwy/SH 61 Pass by Thaliyath Petrol Pump (on the right in 12.4 km)
           12.7 km

11. Turn left at Irinjalakuda Tana Centre onto Kodungallur - Shornur Rd Pass by Pokkath Fuel Station (on the right)
           450 m

12. Turn right at Chandakunnu Junction onto Potta – Moonupeedika Hwy/SH 61 Pass by John Ford (on the left)
           7.7 km

13. Turn left to stay on Potta – Moonupeedika Hwy/SH 61
           61 m

14. Take the 1st right to stay on Potta – Moonupeedika Hwy/SH 61
           850 m

15. Turn right at Moonupeedika Jumma Masjid onto Edapally Panvel Hwy Pass by Indian Oil Petrol pump (on the left in 11.1 km)
           32.5 km

16. Turn right at Chavakkad Centre onto Chavakkad - Kanjany - Peringottukara Rd
           1.0 km

17. Take the 3rd left onto Palayur Rd Destination will be on the right
           60 m




 Nearest Railway station:

 Thrissur Railway Station

 Road :

 From Thrissur Railway Station to spot(25.8 km, 41 mins )

   Directions :

1. Head towards Kodungallur - Shornur Rd north on Railway Station Road Pass by Car Parking (on the right)
           450 m

2. Turn left onto Kodungallur - Shornur Rd/Railway Station Road
           19 m

3. Slight left onto Azheekodan Rd
           400 m

4. Turn right onto Karalavaram Rd
           600 m

5. Turn left at Sankara Iyyer Jct onto Mahatma Gandhi Rd Pass by Muthoot Finance Ltd., (on the right)
           200 m

6. Turn right at Vaidhyaratnam Ayurvedha oushadhasala onto C Achutha Menon Rd Pass by Hotel kins (on the left)
           160 m

7. Slight left at Meat & fish market to stay on C Achutha Menon Rd Pass by Canara Bank (on the right in 1.0 km)
           1.3 km

8. Turn left at Punkunnam Jct onto Thrissur-Kuttippuram Rd Pass by HP Petrol Pump (on the left in 4.6 km)
           5.1 km

9. Turn left at Thrissur - Guruvayoor Rd onto Poovathur - Amala Nagar Road Pass by Car Parking Area (on the left)
           6.2 km

10. Turn right to stay on Poovathur - Amala Nagar Road Pass by Peruvallur Church (on the right in 3.1 km)
           5.3 km

11. Slight right onto Chavakkad - Kanjany - Peringottukara Rd
           6.0 km

12. Turn right onto Palayur Rd Destination will be on the right
           60 m


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Palayur Church

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