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     Periyar Tiger Reserve


          Periyar Tiger Reserve Sprawled over an area of 925 Sq .km., Periyar is one of the 27 tiger reserves in India. efficiently managed reserve is a repository of rare, endemic and endangered flora and fauna and forms the major watershed of two important rivers of Kerala One of the best preserved forest regions, teeming with rich wildlife, the Periyar Tiger Reserve, located in Idukki and Pathanamthitta districts of Kerala State in South India conservation of the big cat - the Tiger. This 777 sq. km. tiger reserve is home to rare, endemic and endangered flora and fauna and forms the major watershed of two important rivers of Kerala, the Periyar and the Pamba.

          Let us take you now through some of the attractions at the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Because it is a destination for may interesting experiences, leisurely activities and exploration.


          The tiger reserve has a rich diversity of animals. The diverse forest types found here support around several mammalian species, huge variety of birds and the region has an appreciable presence of reptilian and fish life. The tiger reserve is also home to around a large number of butterfly species.Even though dedicated for the conservation tigers, the Periyar Tiger Reserve is noted for its good elephant population. These gentle giants can be seen roaming around in herds, especially at the lake fringes. Other animal members that have a credible presence in the tiger reserve are the Gaur, the Sambar, which is the largest among deer types in India and the wild pig.


          Visitors to the tiger reserve can also spot the highly endangered Nilgiri tahr, found in the high altitude grasslands of Mangaladevi; primates like the Nilgiri langur, the highly endangered Lion-tailed macaque; Malabar giant squirrel; the endangered Small travancore flying squirrel; the more frequently seen Large flying squirrel and the endangered and endemic Fruit bat; the rarest among bats, which was first recorded in the region by the famous ornithologist, Dr. Salim Ali. While the Striped necked mongoose is not uncommon, found in the semi-evergreen and evergreen forests, the Nilgiri marten is extremely rare and endemic one in this region. But the cynosure of all eyes remains the tiger, found in all types of habitats in the region, though their density is much less in the evergreen forests.

          For avid bird watchers, the tiger reserve is a veritable paradise and is noted for Raptors, Water birds, Galliform birds, Pigeons, Woodpeckers and Passerines. The region also support good number of butterfly species. Southern bird wing, Common rose, Malabar rose, Common Mormon, Bluebottle, Common albatross, Great eggfly, Evening brown, Jezebel, Clipper, Common palmfly are among the 160 odd butterfly species found here.The reptilian species in the tiger reserve would come to around 45 and include 30 species of snakes, 13 species of lizards and two species of turtles. Among the snakes, all the four deadly venomous species found in Kerala such as King cobra, Cobra, Russels viper and Krait can be found here. Flying lizard, Forest dwarf gecko and the Green calotes are some of the other fairly distributed reptiles in the region.The fish wealth in the Periyar Tiger Reserve is quite appreciable and has four endemic species.Of late, the authorities of the Periyar Tiger Reserve transformed it into a destination for visitors to experience and understand the many facets of wildlife and other forest resources.People oriented and park centered community based ecotourism is the hallmark of Periyar Tiger Reserve.

          Some of the eco-tourism based activities that visitors can get involved are Nature Walk - The guided day trek; The Periyar Tiger Trail - Adventure trekking and camping; Border Hiking - Protection oriented range hiking; Bamboo Rafting; Jungle Patrol, Shepherding the jungle; Tribal Heritage - A peep into the past; Jungle Inn - Jungle in the night; The Bamboo Grove - Eco lodge and Centre for experiential learning and Bullock cart discoveries.The best season to visit the tiger reserve is September to May. The months of March and April constitute the driest part of the year, because of which the animals spend a lot of time near the lake in the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Even the tiger may be spotted approaching the waters in the Periyar Tiger Reserve.



 Nearest Airport:

 Cochin International Airport

 Road :

 From Airport to spot(168 km, 4 hours 01 mins )

   Directions :

1. Head west on International Terminal Road
           160 m

2. Take the 2nd right toward International Terminal Road
           280 m

3. Slight left onto International Terminal Road
           190 m

4. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit
           150 m

5. Turn right onto Airport Rd Pass by Bharath Petroleum Outlet (on the left in 500 m)
           2.5 km

6. Turn right to stay on Airport Rd Pass by Kathi Ambalam (on the left in 1.5 km)
           2.2 km

7. Slight right at St George Jacobite Church onto Main Central Rd Pass by Indian Oil Pump (on the right in 4.0 km)
           8.6 km

8. Turn left at Hotel Galaxy onto Aluva - Munnar Rd Pass by Nangeli Hospital (on the left in 15.5 km)
           17.1 km

9. Turn left onto Kothamangalam Bypass Rd Pass by Imperial Castle (on the left in 1.7 km)
           1.8 km

10. Turn right at Malayinkeezhu Kozhipally Bypass Jct onto Kothamangalam Bypass Rd/Malayinkeezhu Kozhipally Bypass Rd
           1.2 km

11. Turn left onto Aluva - Munnar Rd/Kochi - Dhanushkodi Rd Pass by HP Petrol Pump (on the left in 1.3 km)
           13.1 km

12. Turn right onto SH 44 Pass by Selection Hardwares (on the left in 10.2 km)
           12.6 km

13. Turn left to stay on SH 44 7.0 km

14. Continue onto Allapuzha thaneermukkam Pass by C.S.I Hospital Chelachuvadu (on the left in 14.6 km)
           15.7 km

15. Slight right onto Alappuzha-Madurai Rd/SH 43
           850 m

16. Turn left onto Alappuzha-Madurai Rd/Idukki - Neriyamangalam Rd/SH 43 Pass by Ponnumpoojary Temple (on the left in 2.8 km)
           4.9 km

17. Turn right at Muthoot fin cop to stay on Alappuzha-Madurai Rd/Idukki - Neriyamangalam Rd/SH 43 Pass by homeopathic hospital and poison treatment centre (on the left)
           6.6 km

18. Turn left at Cheruthony Church onto Kumarakom - Cumbam Rd/Thodupuzha - Puliyanmala Rd Continue to follow Thodupuzha - Puliyanmala Rd Pass by IOC (on the left in 25.0 km)
           25.4 km

19. Turn right at Ashoka Kavala onto Kattappana - Erattayar Rd/Thodupuzha - Puliyanmala Rd
           3.7 km

20. Turn left at Nariyampara - Vallakkadavu Rd
           2.2 km

21. Turn left at Kadamakuzhi Road
           3.3 km

22. Continue straight onto Thekkady Rd
           1.6 km

23. Turn right to stay on Thekkady Rd
           2.4 km

24. Continue onto Anavilasam-Marykulam Road
           79 m

25. At State Bank of Travancore, continue onto SH 41
           2.1 km

26. Slight right onto Kumily Alady Rd Pass by Veterinary Hospital (on the right in 2.0 km)
           3.9 km

27. Turn right
           1.0 km

28. Sharp right toward Kollam - Theni Hwy/Kottayam Kumily Rd
           6.9 km

29. Turn right onto Kollam - Theni Hwy/Kottayam Kumily Rd Pass by Sree Devi Theatre, Vandiperiyar (on the right in 500 m)
           1.4 km

30. Turn left onto Vandiperiyar Kakki Moozhiyar Rd
           7.4 km

31. Vandiperiyar Kakki Moozhiyar Rd turns left and becomes Vandiperiyar Kakki Rd
           11.8 km




 Nearest Railway station:

 Kottayam Railway Station

 Road :

 From Kottayam Railway Station to spot(114 km, 3 hours 41 mins )

   Directions :

1. Head towards Mother Teresa Rd south-east on Railway Rd
           500 m

2. Turn right at Mother Teresa Rd
           350 m

3. Turn left onto Kollam - Theni Hwy/Kottayam Kumily Rd Pass by Petrol Bunk (on the right in 750 m)
           8.0 km

4. Turn right to stay on Kollam - Theni Hwy/Kottayam Kumily Rd Pass by Indian Oil (on the left in 5.1 km)
           11.5 km

5. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit to stay on Kollam - Theni Hwy/Kottayam Kumily Rd Pass by Canara Bank (on the left)
           51.3 km

6. Turn right at Kuttikanam to stay on Kollam - Theni Hwy/Kottayam Kumily Rd Pass by Sevanalaya Hospital (on the left in 8.4 km)
           22.0 km

7. Turn right onto Vandiperiyar Kakki Moozhiyar Rd
           7.4 km

8. Vandiperiyar Kakki Moozhiyar Rd turns left and becomes Vandiperiyar Kakki Rd
           11.8 km


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Periyar Tiger Reserve

Periyar Tiger Reserve routemap

Periyar Tiger Reserve map

Periyar Tiger Reserve tourist place

Periyar Tiger Reserve tourism