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     Silent Valley


          Silent Valley National Park is a unique preserve of natural rainforests. Within an area of 237. 52, it houses a rich mosaic of varied habitats. Out of these springs the amazing variety of life forms some of them endemic to the Western Ghats. The Valley exudes a quite grandeur, a mystery half revealed and half concealed that is part of a story older than mankind, for this rainforest probably dates back to 50 million years. Silently she beckons us to witness the marvelous exuberance of life that expresses itself in an incredible chaos of plants and animals and birds and insects. At the heart of her many songs is a still, deep silence which only those who tread softly and wait patiently may learn to hear. The Silent Valley National Park is a unique preserve of natural rainforests. Within an area of 237. 52, it houses a rich mosaic of varied habitats

          Attractions: Extremely fragile, a unique preserve of tropical evergreen rain forests which is a veritable nursery of flora and fauna, some of which are found nowhere else in the world.

          The Silent Valley National Park with an area of 90 sq km is located in the Northeastern corner of Palakkad district. It rises abruptly to the Nilgiri Plateau in the North and overlooks the plains of Mannarkkad in the South.


          The core of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve is the Silent Valley National Park. Despite its name, the Silent Valley (the clamour of Cicadas is conspicuously absent here) is a rich storehouse of biodiversity. It is a true Garden of Eden for students of life sciences, professional scientists and field biologists.The evapo-transpiration from these forests is much higher than from any other surface. This cools the atmosphere, helps easy condensation of water vapour, causing summer rains in the plains.

          Perhaps, nowhere else can one find such a representative collection of Western Ghats biodiversity - more than 1000 species of flowering plants which include about 110 species of orchids, more than 34 species of mammals, about 200 species of butterflies, 400 species of moths, 128 species of beetles of which 10 are new to science, about 150 species of birds including almost all the 16 endemic birds of southern India. The River Kunthi descends from the Nilgiri hills, from an altitude of 2000 m above sea level, and traverses the entire length of the valley and rushes down to the plains through the deep forest. The River Kunthi never turns brown and is always crystal clear, perennial and wild.

     Flora and fauna

          Lion tailed macaque, elephant, leopard, tiger, nilgiri thar, malabar giant squirrel. Variety of other large mammals including deer, gaur etc. Large population of birds like hornbills, malabar whistling thrush etc. The place is teeming with the more "common" birds like drongos, tailorbirds, spotted dove, koels etc.



 Nearest Airport:

 Coimbatore International Airport

 Road :

 From Airport to spot(90.4 km, 2 hours 31 mins )

   Directions :

1. Head south-west on Airport Rd
           56 m

2. Turn right to stay on Airport Rd Pass by St Sebastian's Church (on the left in 650 m)
           850 m

3. Turn left at Citra Taxi Stand onto Avinashi Rd Pass by Central Bank of India (on the left)
           5.5 km

4. Turn right onto 100 Feet Road Pass by Durga Bakery (on the right)
           3.6 km

5. Turn left onto E Power House Rd Pass by Kongunad Hospital (on the left)
           210 m

6. Turn right at Powerica Limited onto Cross Cut Rd Pass by HP Petrol Bunk (on the left)
           600 m

7. Take the slip road to Coimbatore - Ooty - Gundlupet Hwy/SH 66
           300 m

8. Turn left onto Coimbatore - Ooty - Gundlupet Hwy/SH 66 Pass by Indian Bank ATM (on the left)
           240 m

9. Take the 1st left onto Bharathi Park Rd Pass by ICICI Bank (on the right in 1.5 km)
           1.6 km

10. Turn right onto Thadagam Rd Pass by Confidence Petroleum India (on the left in 5.5 km)
           23.5 km

11. Continue onto Anaikatti Road Pass by Kerala-Tamilnadu Border (on the right in 3.0 km)
           36.4 km

12. Turn right toward Silent Valley - Mukkali Rd
           1.2 km

13. Take the 1st left onto Silent Valley - Mukkali Rd
           16.3 km




 Nearest Railway station:

 Palakkad Town Railway Station

 Road :

 From Palakkad Town Railway Station to spot(72.1 km, 1 hours 55 mins )

   Directions :

1. Head towards Priyadarshini Rd north-west on Railway Station Rd Pass by SBI Agri Branch (on the right)
           240 m

2. Slight right onto VH Rd Pass by Government Veterinary Hospital (on the right)
           280 m

3. Turn left at TIME Palakkad onto Palakkad - Koduvayur - Meenakshipuram Hwy Pass by Petrol Pump (on the left in 1.4 km)
           1.5 km

4. Turn left onto Ferokh-Palakkad Hwy/NH 213 Pass by Indian Oil (on the right in 31.4 km)
           34.2 km

5. Turn right to stay on Ferokh-Palakkad Hwy/NH 213 Pass by Nellippuzha Juma Masjid (on the right in 350 m)
           400 m

6. Take the 1st right onto Mannarkkad Chinnathadagom Rd Pass by Crescent Hospital (on the left)
           8.3 km

7. Continue onto Mannarkkad - Anakkatti
           5.8 km

8. Mannarkkad - Anakkatti turns left and becomes Mannarkkad Anaikatti Ghat Road Pass by Forest Checkpost (on the right in 2.8 km)
           3.8 km

9. Turn left toward Silent Valley - Mukkali Rd
           1.2 km

10. Take the 1st left onto Silent Valley - Mukkali Rd
           16.3 km


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