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Cochin Carnival


          A merry making feast called the Cochin Carnival is celebrated at Fort Kochi every year during the last ten days of December. If there is one festival the whole of Kochi impatiently awaits every year, then it's the Cochin Carnival held in the last week of December. Fort Kochi is decked up like a bride and tourists, not only from within the country, but also outside, flock to this lovely port city to participate in the revelry.

          The inception of the Kochi carnival can be traced back to the Portuguese New Year revelry, held here during the colonial days. Gradually, it evolved to take the form of what is today popularly called the Cochin Carnival of Kerala.


          City lights are beaming and shining for the festive season that has hit town already! So when Christmas is around the corner, so are the celebrations for New Year’s. Kochi has been placed in the global map for one of the most popular celebrations for New Year, and the Cochin Carnival it is!


          Preparations generally begin months in advance for hosting the unique games, fairs and partying during the Carnival of Cochin. Dressed up in fancy dresses, everyone, children in particular, is seen bursting with enthusiasm. The highlight of the carnival is the massive procession on the New Year's Day. Led by an embellished elephant accompanied by drums and music, the carnival is a moment to behold. There is also staging of different South and North Indian folk dances during the festivity.

          Date: Last week of December
          Venue: fort kochi

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Cochin Carnival

Cochin Carnival ernakulam


Cochin Carnival tourism

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